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List Of Involuntary Euthanasia Articles from MSM And Elsewhere

These articles have been collected from various sources and relate to involuntary euthanasia that's happening in UK hospitals, care homes and even in people's homes. If there are more you would like included, please send the link. 


It was murder, says son of woman 'starved to death' on Liverpool Care Pathway as he calls for police inquiry | Daily Mail Online

Peter Tulloch (inset) has urged police to open a murder inquiry into the death of his mother who he claims was 'starved to death' at the Western General hospital in Edinburgh.

Liverpool Care Pathway: Family revive man doctors wasn't worth saving | Daily Mail Online

The family Andy Flanagan (pictured) have told how they rescued him from dying on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway by reviving him with drops of water.

Mo Mowlam's doctor condemns Liverpool Care Pathway

A senior cancer specialist, who treated Mo Mowlam during her last illness, has condemned end of life care in the NHS as corrupt and scandalous.

Death row drug fed to dying Scottish pensioners - Daily Record

A drug given to US Death Row prisoners is being used on dying old folk in Scotland's hospitals.

David Beith died in Royal Cornwall Hospital despite seeming well ahead of routine operation, inquest hears - Cornwall Live

The hospital did admit that David Beith was placed on the controversial Liverpool Pathway for Death plan despite it not being signed by his next of kin

Victory for the Mail in aftermath of Liverpool Care Pathway scandal | Daily Mail Online

They said loved ones must be 'involved in decisions' in NHS hospitals to ensure the 'horrific' abuses and 'tick-box' culture created by the discredited Liverpool Care Pathway never happen again.

A good death: why end-of-life care must change – Channel 4 News

As a review recommends phasing out controversial national guidelines for care of the dying - which led to nurses shouting at families for giving patients water - is it time to re-think how we die?

New NHS death guidelines 'worse than Liverpool Care Pathway'

One of the first medics to raise concerns about the now discredited Liverpool Care Pathway says new protocols to replace it are more dangerous, and could hasten patients' deaths

NHS 'death pathway' killings exposed in shocking new parliamentary report - Catholic Herald

Christine Pulfrey remembers her mother as “very fit” and “in good form” when she was admitted to a private hospital in Hull fo

How the Liverpool Care Pathway was used as an excuse for appalling care | Daily Mail Online

Ministers announce the Liverpool Care Pathway is being scrapped within 12 months after a damning review review by Baroness Neuberger (pictured) revealed the dreadful way patients and their families were treated.

Controversial Liverpool Care Pathway 'a fantastic step forward,' says Jeremy Hunt

The controversial Liverpool Care Pathway for patients who are dying is “a fantastic step forward” in the way hospitals support the terminally ill, Jeremy Hunt has said.

'Arrogance' of doctors STILL using banned Liverpool Care Pathway | Daily Mail Online

Concerns over the abolished Liverpool Care Pathway has prompted NICE to issue new guidelines reminding hospital staff not to make 'snap decisions' on patients near death.

Lord Carlile: medics should face GMC over Liverpool Care Pathway

Doctors who put patients on a controversial end-of-life care plan without their consent should face being struck off, a leading legal expert has said.

Police probe Liverpool Care Pathway following death of pensioner | Daily Mail Online

Alice Johnson died on the discredited plan at Warrington General Hospital but her daughter Angela said she only discovered how her mother had been treated after her death.

Hospitals stripped of cash bribes for 'death pathway' in shake-up of controversial end-of-life regime | Daily Mail Online

NHS trusts have been receiving money for using the pathway, but MP Norman Lamb said these ‘bribes’ would have to stop unless it was shown suffering had been reduced.

60,000 patients put on death pathway without being told but minister still says controversial end-of-life plan is 'fantastic' | Daily Mail Online

A third of families are also kept in the dark when doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment from loved ones. Despite the revelations, Jeremy Hunt last night claimed the pathway was a ‘fantastic step forward’.

MELANIE PHILLIPS: Hope at last on the pathway to death - but the NHS still has a hole where its heart should be | Daily Mail Online

According to advance reports, the Government will announce today the end of the deeply controversial Liverpool Care Pathway. But we are still not at the root of our health-care problems, writes MELANIE PHILLIPS.

Catholics call for public inquiry into UK nursing home deaths | Catholic News Agency

Catholics are calling for a public investigation into why so many elderly people have died in U.K. nursing homes during the coronavirus crisis.

Rustie Lee accuses hospital of putting her elderly mother on pathway for dying patients | Daily Mail Online

Rustie's mother Eugenie Edwards was given just 48 hours to live when admitted to hospital and denied food, liquid and painkillers. The family contested the decision and the 87-year-old has since been discharged.

Veteran condemned to die by the NHS on 'death pathway' at Hammersmith Hospital | Daily Mail Online

Great-grandfather Josef Boberek was admitted to Hammersmith Hospital in West London with a chest infection, but died days later after doctors incorrectly told his family he was at death's door.

Number of prescriptions for the drug midazolam doubled during height of the pandemic  | Daily Mail Online

Official figures show out-of-hospital prescribing of the drug midazolam increased by more than 100 per cent in April compared to previous months. The claims are unverified and disputed.

Police to probe four death pathway cases at same hospital | Daily Mail Online

The deaths of as many as four patients after they were placed on end-of-life care pathways at the same hospital - Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan (pictured) - are set to be examined by police.

Unlawful End of Life Protocols | The People's Care Wa

The NICE Guidelines (NG163) brought in to deal with the outbreak of Covid-19, suggested the use of midazolam and morphine for breathlessness, agitation, as well as for end of life.
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