They Killed My Husband Dave with Remdesivir!

I took Dave to Ashley River Tower ER in Charleston, SC on Sunday, August 29th, 2021. They ...

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Bob Belknap Murdered by Remdesivir + Ventilator Hospital Protocol

9/11/20-10/6/2020 is etched in my mind. For 9 days, my husband Bob gradually suffocated fr...

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Georgette Guccione- A Mom, Grandma, Grandma-Grandma murdered for money

Conway hospital isolated my mom from her family, ignored the family's treatment request, t...

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Brother Told He Had Just Two Weeks To Live

During COVID, my older brother got very ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Talking ...

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My beloved Father did not have to die this way

Regarding Edward LeGault — pg. 1 of 3 (LETTER TO THE JOINT COMMISSION)Regarding Edward LeG...

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Systemic Failures and Elderly Abuse: A Heartbreaking Tale of Deception and Neglect

My parents had been banking with Lloyds Bank for quite some years. They had separate bank ...

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Response From Helen Grant MP Regarding The Death Of Mother Whilst In NHS Care

Below is the reply: From Helen Grant, MP for Maidstone and The Weald in relation...

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Tragic Tale of Chris Humphrey's Covid Battle At The Royal Sussex County Hospital

In a devastating account of events, Stephanie reveals her partner Chris Humphrey's ba...

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“A good death needs three things…” Dr. Luke Evans MP explains THAT conversation

 "I wanted to ensure that palliative services were fully equipped and up to speed," s...

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Support Jacqui Deevoy’s Latest Film Project “Playing God”

– From journalist and filmmaker Jacqui Deevoy: Playing God A new film – an investigation i...

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Caring for my dad at home is hard – but I know I’ve done the right thing

The decision to take my dad out of the care home wasn't a popular one."You haven't thought...

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The Mainstream Suppression Of The Midazolam Scandal (And Why The Mainstream Media Has Blood On Their Hands)

When my mum was put on a syringe driver (a device used to automatically administer drugs) ...

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I truly believe the mainstream media have been complicit in the deaths of thousands. Here'...

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Who Will Enlighten Boy George About Midazolam Matt? (Oh, that’ll be me.)

Enraged, as most people are, by the sight of murdering Midazolam Matt masquerading as a ce...

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Big Congrats To The Paramedics Who’ve Played A Part In The Culling Of The Elderly. (You’ve Done A Fine Job!)

On September 24th 2021, a psychopathic paramedic injected my dad with a big shot of someth...

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“My Husband Was Given Midazolam And Morphine Two Days AFTER He Died”

In a story published by –

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“The ONS Are Blaming Less Than 4% Of Recent Excess Deaths On ‘Covid’. So What Did The Other 96% Die Of?”

In an article published by Ickonic Media (

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Experts said ‘no’ to Hancock’s “frighten the pants off them” strategy (but he went ahead anyway)

In an article published by Ickonic today, UNN's lead reporter Jacqui Deevoy revealed how s...

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Widow says husband was KILLED as punishment “for being unvaccinated”

Registered nurse Elena Vlaica, 46, has spoken out many times about the murder of her husba...

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Jacqui Deevoy: “It’s Not Just The Elderly Being Euthanised”

In an article published by Ickonic Media –

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Matt Hancock EXPOSED for the rank HYPOCRITE that he is!

d oflife Campaigner and former model Tony Stowell was stunned when he managed to get ...

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