Embrace the Power of Independence: Join the UK Independent MPs and Candidates Community

Step into a new era of political engagement with the UK Independent MPs and Candidates Com...

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​Join the Revolution: The Reform UK Supporters Community

Welcome to the Reform UK Supporters Community, a dynamic new group on the YourSay UK ...

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The Independent Platform: Revolutionising Candidate-Voter Engagement

Yoursay.social is revolutionising how independent candidates connect with voters. With 461...

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The True Meaning of Independence in Politics

True independence in politics means freedom from party pressures and a commitment to serve...

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Overcoming Voter Apathy: The Independent Solution

Voter apathy is a significant concern, often driven by dissatisfaction with mainstream par...

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10 Reasons Why UK Should Vote For Reform UK

Joining Reform UK means supporting a comprehensive manifesto that addresses key issues wit...

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Undecided Voters and the Independent Option

With the election approaching, 70% of undecided voters have indicated they would consider ...

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Ammar Waraich, MD MPP (Birmingham Edgbaston): VOTE INDEPENDENT!

There are 459 Independent candidates standing at the upcoming General Election on July 4th...

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Jean Blackbeard, Cotswold North Independent

There are 459 Independent mps standing in the upcoming General Election -why is MSM not gi...

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Chaz Singh, Plymouth Independent: VOTE FOR CHANGE!

There are 459 Independent candidates standing in the upcoming General Election on 4th July...

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Dr Chan Abraham, Huntingdon: Vote For Your Local Independent!

There are 459 Independent candidates standing in the upcoming General Election of 4th July...

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The Rise of the Independent Voter: A Shift in Political Dynamics

The rise of 461 independent candidates across 317 constituencies, complemented by 26 candi...

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Why Vote Independent? Breaking Free from Mainstream Party Disillusionment

The deadline for nominations has passed, revealing a significant development: 461 independ...

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A Coalition Of Independents - Just 650 Candidates Needed. Are You One Of Them?

 We don't presently have a government in the UK and we don't have local authorities. ...

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From humble beginnings we become strong

With all Campaigns there is always something that triggered the action, in this case the i...

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If Sunak Or Starmer Applied For A Job In Your Country, Would You Employ Them?

It's a simple question. Knowing of them, what you know, if they applied for a job in your ...

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The Great 2024 pushback - It’s Our time to shine

In an ever changing media landscape of stories once thought too outlandish and wild to be ...

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