Midazolam Murders - Breathtaking, Literally

By now, most reading my articles know of my Mother's murder by lethal protocols in hospita...

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Parliamentary Justice - A Room Full of Murders

After fighting for a number of years to gain some sort of justice for Mum which stemmed fr...

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A Fight for Mum - We will be heard

We all have our own cross to bear. It really hasn't been easy finding a way to process wha...

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Please Help Bring Mary, 84, Home To Her Son

This is much more common than people think. Government, Social Services and others working...

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Palliative Care Funding Review: UK Government 20 Year Plan

Did you know the UK Government have been involuntary euthanising without consent from...

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Systemic Failures and Elderly Abuse: A Heartbreaking Tale of Deception and Neglect

My parents had been banking with Lloyds Bank for quite some years. They had separate bank ...

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