A Fight for Mum - We will be heard

We all have our own cross to bear. It really hasn't been easy finding a way to process wha...

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Culpability of Coercive Acts - Pure lies, but ok why not if you’re paying

Can you imagine a government so evil it would "permit" the legacy media to spout dangerous...

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Vaccine Damage Payment System - Otherwise known as getting blood out of a stone

Thinking for one moment if you were ever harmed by a product billed as safe and effective ...

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A Delve into the Steyn on-line archives Or a Tale of 2 Halves

Mark Steyn has been attacking the negative changes to peoples way of life for years now i'...

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Musings & an Online record

And so it would go something like this…..Hello my name is Wayne, and this is my last will ...

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An Evening of Dissent with the Conservative Woman

A few months ago I decided to try and do more and be present at events again that spoke ou...

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Mark Steyn’s GB News era

I became aware of GB News somewhat rocky launch and only tuned in casually but I was inter...

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A Plea for Hope

So, it's now been 711 days that I've been battling my AstraZeneca vaccine injury. If you t...

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Truth Be Told, London - Holding the Media accountable

So, arriving at St Pancras slightly later than expected on a frozen morning my taxi rushed...

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Tackling Red-tape, Jobsworths and bureaucracy

After being discharged from hospital in March 2021 I had a need for answers from those org...

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The Petition led Inquiry for Vaccine safety

The online petition for a vaccine Inquiry seemed to finally get greater coverage by MP's i...

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Lethal Protocol & a Jab Injury

A year and a half ago I couldn't have imagined writing something like this through the red...

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My Jab injury story - 4 Weeks of a life nearly lost

Inside Dangerous Vaccine & Medical failings - A more in-depth look at a life nearly lost

Through the governments paid media campaign to prevent anti-narrative content that would a...

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Daughter Raises Concerns Over Alleged Neglect and Lack of Transparency at Lorna House Care Home

Aileen's father, Hugh was battling with early onset dementia, He was placed in Lorna ...

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Tragic Loss and Concerns Raised Over Care at Luton & Dunstable Hospital: Son Shares Heartbreaking Account of Mother's Untimely Death!

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. In Dec 2021 my mother Kristina Scratton was 78 years old when sh...

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Sedated to death by the NHS whilst waiting for a Hernia op

My Mum Shirley was a normal happy, caring lady who enjoyed life and worshipped her family....

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“They killed him, then stole his organs.”

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. It was hard enough coming to terms with the realisation that my ...

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Murdered In Hospital: My Mum Didn't Stand A Chance

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. My 76 year old mum was admitted into the Royal London Hospi...

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Shocking Revelation: Surviving the Controversial Liverpool Care Pathway – A Liverpool Man's Harrowing Tale!

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. In a harrowing testimony that will send shockwaves across t...

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Mom was killed by hospital protocols

My mom was murdered by the hospital protocol. The EMS had to take her locally, and we alre...

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Gillian Anderson's Tragic Journey: A Heart-Wrenching Account of Alleged Hospital Negligence

In July 2021, Gillian Anderson's life took a devastating turn when her mother was admitted...

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My Mother was emotionally tortured and murdered by hospital protocol, Remdesivir and a greedy incentivized doctor.

My mother was admitted on December 19, 2021. Doctors and nurses isolated her and bound her...

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We lost my wonderful Dad on April 13,2020

Both my parents became sick, and they initially thought it was a stomach bug. My dad was s...

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Siegfried Mueller torture treatment

 My great father's last 12 days of life. He was never diagnosed with covid. But, he w...

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Kristin C.’s Story

Ashley lost her fiancé from hospital protocols For years I've told people he's my favorite...

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Father 64 Was Placed On A Covid Ward Then Involuntarily Euthanised Without Consent Or Warning Leaving Family Devastated!

Lisa Pirks shares the harrowing story (in her own words) of her father Martin whose life w...

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ASCENSION NE WISCONSIN - ST ELIZABETH CAMPUS Grace Schara, a beautiful 19 year old young g...

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Danielle’s Last Forty Days

On Friday August 27th, 2021 Danielle and I both walked into the emergency room at Northwel...

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HCA FLORIDA OAK HILL HOSPITAL My husband and I had gotten covid-pneumonia. While I was dow...

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Landmark Survey to Get To The Facts On Involuntary Euthanasia Being Carried Out By Hospitals and Care Homes

Governments around the world are mass euthanising the elderly and vulnerable in hospitals,...

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