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Landmark Survey to Get To The Facts On Involuntary Euthanasia Being Carried Out By Hospitals and Care Homes

Involuntary Euthanasia Survey

Governments around the world are mass euthanising the elderly and vulnerable in hospitals, care homes, hospices and even in their own homes without consent from the victim or their family. Our loved ones are going into hospital to get well and instead being put on an end-of-life protocol. Worst still, governments are financially incentivising health workers to carry out these protocols.

Government and healthcare officials will not talk about this. Nor will they produce any information or statistics on those who were culled in what is effectively state murder. If your loved one was put on end-of-life without consent, or you know they were involuntary euthanised, or they died in what you believe to be suspicious circumstances, then please take this survey. 

This survey aims to shed light on the horrific practices going on in hospitals, care homes, hospices and even in our own homes, through the eyes of the victim's loved ones who witnessed it first-hand. It aims to identify the scale of what has and is continuing to happen, identify triggers and processes that we hope will help educate the public on what is going so they can prevent it happening to them or their loved ones. 

If you have lost a loved one to this cruel practice, please take the survey! The more people who take it the more insight we will have. Please also share with family, friends and across your networks. Lets get the truth out there! Click here or on the image below to take the survey.

The following videos give a deeper understanding of what has and is continuing to happen. The first is a documentary covering the stories of family who lost their loved ones to involuntary euthanasia. The second video is Michael Elston who is raising awareness of the new Nice Guidelines for NG163 protocol:

Jacqui Deevoy is a freelance journalist who spent many years writing for major British newspapers. Around two years ago she began investigating how a banished euthanasia program had returned to British hospitals—coinciding with the onset of COVID-19. 

Michael Elston speaking from Altrincham Town Hall concerning NHS England's reintroduction of involuntary euthanasia as part of its response to the covid-19 pandemic because this country simply does not have enough hospital beds to treat everyone. 

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