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Protecting the Narrative


Maybe it was rather naive of me but I thought that government departments and Drs would be falling over themselves to help genuinely ill people hurt by something that was "safe and effective" which we were repeatedly told in the media but it couldn't be further from the truth.

Every day you're left fighting to be seen and heard by medical experts because of an intense need to protect a narrative that these treatments would protect you so it wouldn't harm pharmaceutical sales rather than to actually look after people's health. What happened to Drs Hippocratic oath to first do no harm and the supposed protection of the patient being the main objective rather than the latter?

This was when I fully realised that there was something seriously wrong in that people would be encouraged and coerced to take something without warning of the known harms and risks, they were seeing in early trial data.

What shocked me knowing the actual rollout was and is still in trials until 2023 and that high numbers of injuries and deaths were already being seen by Drs and Emergency Rooms but nothing was being reported about them in the Media.

You'd think it would be in the best interests of its readership and viewers to properly investigate the explosion in the higher-than-average deaths and injuries say or the "died suddenly" that have had Drs "baffled" the past few years but it wasn't until I read on the government's own website uk.gov that there was actually a Media contract totalling several hundred million pounds to stop any negative reporting of these "Vaccines."

Censoring so many Drs and other well-meaning souls the last nearly 2 years that could've saved so many from being injured and families left bereaved has been absolutely awful and the incessant drive just shows the complicity between various entities to protect pharmaceutical sales sadly.

I remember seeing Mark Sharman state the very same a few months ago on Uk column news and again recently at Dr Aseem Malhotra's Q&A in London which was just the sort of upfront honesty that the audience on the night were desperate for instead of half-truths and claims of innocence by Drs pushing jabs onto their patients.

So, going back to March 2021 upon being discharged from hospital I decided I had to do something to challenge the misinformation by sharing my story on social media and podcasts around the world to try and better inform others of risk after a little encouragement by a couple of lovely women in the U.S. who contacted me.

This was my first experience of not only trolls but some amazing people out there who showed me such love and support and helped me to keep pushing forward even though it was bloody difficult with a brain that now just didn't seem to want to work properly.

If I wrote notes and worked out what I'd say in advance I could get by but when asked something out of the blue I'd struggle building an immediate reply unlike what I'd used be able to do.

This has been the hardest thing to accept if I'm honest as it made me realise a shift from my very outgoing and positive outlook to life to severe limitations now and in seeing how quick life can change .

Anyway, changing attitudes from friends has been a real wake-up call I've noticed since the injury from a complete denial that it could actually happen, to a then total indifference to you because you're now an inconvenience to their lives.

Whole groups of people I used to work with to just stop speaking to you as I was one of the "rare few" to have had a different reaction to them after a covid jab was quite surreal and something I still struggle understanding, "what did I do wrong?"

It's times like this that make you realise the damage done by the mainstream media in "brainwashing" people to believe anything they say to protect a narrative regardless of the fact that so much has been proven to not be the case now.

For example, speaking to a "friend" in a coffee shop which is one of the few pleasures I have left they'd say "so I suppose you're not going back to work?" in a tone that smacked of derision to comments like "well, you should just lump it as thousands have died".

What I also find infuriating is when tv hosts who have an obligation to their viewers to be impartial and probing for the truth but openly state everything so far proven as fact now as misinformation.

Isn't it so disgusting that people can actually sit there knowing they are giving people a possible death sentence through not challenging the "permitted" narrative and all because of either their contract forcing them to adhere or by coercion.

If you weren't killed by your "safe and effective" treatment or injured like so many of us have been your immune system has now been irreparably damaged and so it's a constant battle to boost it going forward and knowing that further doses you get will lead only to one conclusion I'm reading constantly, sadly.

In my continued drive to better inform I was sending out emails to newspaper columnists about my story as I felt it was something that should be out there to save others going through what I did.

I did get some lovely responses from a few and a complete blank by many others which I found strangely disturbing, to not even want to acknowledge a problem in society but to continue a relentless drive for fear seemed the norm.

One in particular lead to a phone interview which was heartening and was told that "it's important we get your story out there" but sadly due to the media contract in place by the government and an offcom directive to not publish anything negative to the "vaccines" roll-out I never heard anything further.

However, I didn't give up and have challenged these columnists several times since which again led to further replies but sadly the responses are more derisory in tone I've notice.

This is weird as more and more media types are now claiming to have changed their minds since Rob Roos MEP questioned a Pfizer boss in the European parliament on effectiveness testing and they confessed none was ever conducted which then proved that all of the claims from Drs, Governments etc that "you couldn't be ill if you got vaccinated" were only ever false and complete lies.

A recent request for Amnesty for all those who "mistakenly" gave bad information on vaccines "safety & effectiveness" was put out in the media which is absolutely disgusting, so many harms and deaths have arisen from them and now all should be forgiven?

Never forgive, Never forget is a motto that's struck a chord with me and is something I'll keep repeating until the day I die after so many people in areas of influence brutalised others into having these dangerous treatments with devastating a horrific circumstance. Shame on them!

I can't get my head round the fact that pharmaceutical companies still bear no responsibility to those of us injured and the families who've lost loved ones through these treatments even though they are making billions in profits.

The covid Jab injured and bereaved battles continue with a few courageous souls coming up against pro pharma MPs in the House of Commons and fending off the repeated lies that "vaccines save lives" and "there has only been a few rare instances of injury" but there is so much money at stake for the pharmaceutical industry they continue to exert their influence through their heavily influenced majority-based funding to the MHRA, who are supposed to be providing a completely impartial and patient-led safety approach but don't actually, on the evidence so far presented.

Although we've seemingly come so far in the last few years, you only have to look at certain media shows now to see who they're promoting or pushing to the masses as being "nice" and worthy of your attention to actually see something else going on as the media sadly only show you what they want you to see.

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