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I Vote for NONE of the main parties - Who is votable for though truly?


We now find ourselves not at the stage of trying to raise even more awareness of excess deaths but what i think should be classed as actual murders that we are seeing all around us daily whether from the media reports of someone dying 'suddenly', 'suddenly' stricken down with a 'sudden' heart attack on an otherwise healthy sports star or the 'sudden' appearance of a cancer that's untreatable and so a terminal outlook looks likely, it isn't right that investigations on health links and simple questions on reasons why can be denied.

Even after so much pressure being placed on government by politicians such as Andrew Bridgen of late to gain ever-increasing support for his excess deaths debates, the massive about-turn to actually permit one to proceed in the main house has been granted for Thursday 18th of April albeit late in the day again but at least it isn't a friday when politicians have mostly deserted the chamber.

The aspect i find puzzling was why it was granted so easily and delivered in such a calm and measured reply by Penny Mordaunt when she normally acts so disdainfully and shockingly with rude slurs aimed his way, is the time finally up on shutting down the narrative as they've done so shockingly the last few years on harms seen and will we see a proportionate representation of politicians making a stand in it?

This will be the ultimate test to see who turns up for it but to ensure a good turn out we need to name and shame all of our Mp's and Lords much like with the previous campaigns to get them to wake up on such serious matters of cause and follow that up with contacting them directly to question their intent to turn up and represent their constituents.

Imagine even such a tiny percentage of the 650 politicians we currently have in parliament attending and putting on an impressive display to the world that they are listening and that the globalist influence that exists over a large number of politicians won't actually stop the the public from being denied the truth this time and up to the last count, numbers reaching a couple of dozen supporters of his debates are incredibly heartening but which will no doubt also feature some pro-pharma speakers again I'm sure but all in all it could prove very interesting.

Let's look at the current state of politics in this country and the problems up until now to get very real inquiries into the harms of the whole Covid debacle the last few years and how when a Party refuses to act in the publics best interests what do you then do about it?

For many decades people have voted as their parents did and have cared little about what was actually achieved during the previous 4 years in government and so why would anyone seriously vote them in again if you wanted a different result?

For real effective change, that has to end, the power is with us to change our future and even if the next Party looking set to be voted in (because it only ever seems to be Tory or Labour winning in history but occasionally with a hung parliament) we shouldn't ever have to settle but look for some other way to get our points across whether with more "Fringe" Party's waiting in the Wings for a day that'll never come or by the bulk of the public deciding to stand as independents themselves and really shaking up the political landscape for the better.

Serious political debate is what the public are promised on a daily basis yet it seems something is lost in translation when these elected Mp's get placed into positions to actually represent us yet fail so abysmally and so all we get instead is ridiculous posturing and name calling meted out by incompetents in the chambers as a way of them justifying their vastly inflated pay and yet actually achieving little sadly.

Esther McVey has been challenging the public to not vote for any other party but them in recent days but if the party that many have voted for many years doesn't offer the public anything new and increasingly wastes the taxpayers money funding ridiculous things such as illegal migrants, Ukraine and literally anything but the British people what does she suggest we then do??

Trust was broken for so many by the shocking covid debacle, think of all those lives lost by lockdown harms and vaccines and then there's the long term sick because of them also, I feel that the conservatives have brought this on themselves by refusing to tackle real constituents concerns and will rue the day they refused to act in our interests.

How can we be sure what the Conservative Party will or won't do regarding ceding sovereignty in response to Esther's point in not letting Labour win by default, it is currently run by globalist stooge Rishi Sunak and any election would only then appoint another one, for the party to succeed they need to renounce any allegiance's with WHO and the WEF and although that would see the removal of many like Penny Mordaunt and Kemi Badenoch and many more it needs to be done to bring voters confidence back.

For Labour to succeed it will only be because of the lazy voters who only vote as their families have done without critical thinking or those wanting to give conservatives a pounding by spoiling ballots because Kier Starmer isn't offering up anything new and certainly doesn't have the Teflon-Tony "charisma" that persuaded so many people to vote for them many moons ago. 

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Guest - Charlie on Thursday, 11 April 2024 16:49

We might be out of time for convincing the masses particularly with talk of a May election. Then we gotta educate the nation to vote for alternatives. I am not sure how we do that when the news like BBC are controlling the narrative along with the government themselves.

We might be out of time for convincing the masses particularly with talk of a May election. Then we gotta educate the nation to vote for alternatives. I am not sure how we do that when the news like BBC are controlling the narrative along with the government themselves.
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