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Victim of Lloyds Banking Group Fraud

John Davidson

I wish we could say this was a one off occurrence, but unfortunately it isn't. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of victims in the UK alone who have fallen prey to fraud commited by a bank against its own client. Please support John by helping him raise the funds for his legal challenge. Below is an introduction from John regarding his fundraising campaign: 

Hello, my name is John. I have endured extremely inhospitable treatment after uncovering fraudulent activities involving Lloyds Banking Group, in addition to other companies and authorities. Over the years, I have experienced persecution, including torture, arbitrary arrest, false imprisonment, and the destruction of my business. While I was incarcerated, my house was unlawfully marketed and sold, which is incomprehensible given that I had lived there for around thirteen years, three of those years in solitude. Despite my pleas, I have received only limited responses from the concerned parties, and these matters remain unresolved.

Lloyds Banking Group is allegedly involved in a range of serious fraudulent activities, including money laundering, identity fraud, due diligence lapses, deception, and mortgage fraud. My intention is to take legal action against Lloyds Banking Group to seek justice for victims like myself and potentially assist others who have suffered in similar ways. I believe they are one of the primary contributors to this distressing situation, and their actions may have prevented it.

I am concerned that the British taxpayer might be unknowingly covering the costs associated with concealing these matters, which have persisted for several years. The financial impact on me has been substantial, resulting in losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is why I am in need of assistance to pursue legal action against Lloyds Banking Group and other responsible parties to secure justice for all victims who have endured similar hardships.

I would greatly appreciate any donations to support the legal action against Lloyds Banking Group. Your support is crucial in my pursuit of justice and in shedding light on the alleged fraudulent activities within the organization.

This is all I have left from the house,they drilled the lock from the outside and this is what I got given upon leaving HMP Durham.

This is my prison Identity and number which you must have whilst in HMP Durham


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