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Main Stream Media Silence Is Main Stream Media Silencing Us?
I truly believe the mainstream media have been complicit in the deaths of thousands. Here's why.

When I first heard that people were being euthanised in care homes and hospitals, I didn't doubt it. I'd come to a point in my life when nothing surprised me, not even a horror story like this.

I'd started to get suspicious in 2020 when I discovered my dad (who was in a care home at the time but who has now, sadly, passed away) had a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order in place. I queried it and wrote about it, after further investigations revealed that there were blanket DNRs put on every care home resident and pretty much on anyone over the age of 60 admitted to hospital.

As a freelance journalist (working for the mainstream media for over three decades), I pitched this shocking story to The Telegraph. The features editor at the time gave me the go-ahead. I wrote the story and emailed it. Weeks went by. When I queried the delay, the editor told me they weren't going to run it. He didn't say why. Other papers said no thanks too. It was eventually published on an alternative news site and was ultimately seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

I was interviewed by David Icke in December 2020 and was spotted by a man who'd lost someone close to him. He contacted me and told me the story. His relative had been murdered in an NHS facility, he said, and he had the paperwork to prove it.

We met up and went through the extensive file he'd built up since June 2020, when the murder was committed. What I saw was shocking - shocking and incontrovertible. The evidence was there. There was no denying what had happened.

I did some investigating. This included talking to the now-deceased Wayne Smith, whose father had been euthanised in his own home in 2013. Wayne had been researching euthanasia ever since. He'd written three books. I put him in touch with the man who'd approached me and the two became friends.

Other people started contacting me and, before I knew it, I had over 20 people telling me very similar stories. I decided to go to the mainstream Press.

Over the years, I've had a good working relationship with many mainstream editors and have written articles for many national papers. My relationship with them now, three years after the launch of the faux pandemic, isn't so good. Why? Because I disagreed with the government narrative and was sending them endless proof of how we were being duped. When I sent them details of the euthanasia story, I was already in their bad books, no doubt pejoratively being dubbed a 'conspiracy theorist' or worse.

I'm not going to say too much at this point about the editors who ignored me; I'd rather focus on one I persuaded to come for a face-to-face meeting with. (I eventually met with two but, for now, I'm going to write about just one.)

Stephen Adams, medical editor of the Mail On Sunday, agreed to meet up. I'd approached Stephen via email on May 4th 2021 - along with 27 other editors - as I'd seen an article he'd had published by the Mail in July 2020 (https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8514081/Number-prescriptions-drug-midazolam-doubled-height-pandemic.html ), which covered the over-prescribing of sedatives such as Midazolam in care homes. I thought he'd be pleased to receive more information on the subject. I chased him again on May 26th. We met in a restaurant in Chiswick. The man with the evidence came with me. After chatting for several hours, Adams' jaw was on the floor. He agreed that what we'd shown him was, indeed, proof that something highly sinister was happening in care homes and hospitals across the land. He said it was potentially one of the biggest stories of the century. I asked him, if it were to be published, where it would go in the paper. He said 'the front page'. We even came up with a headline - Covid Death Pathway - and he left, copy documents in a file under his arm, saying he'd be in touch.

He was. He wanted the phone numbers of three more people who believed their loved ones had been killed in hospital or in a care home. I gave him the numbers of Nicola Evitts, Michele Dawson and Lorraine Jones. Evitts claimed her father had been euthanised in June 2020, aged 59; Michele's and Lorraine's mothers had met a similar fate. I believe he spoke to them all on July 13th 2021. After that, he went quiet. I chased him via email. I last heard from him on August 6th 2021, when he emailed to say this: "At the moment I am not planning on running anything, because from those I have spoken to I have not found anything that leads me to think midazolam has been used to hasten death."

Since then, I've emailed him with updates and undeniable proof that people were being euthanised. When I made the film 'A Good Death?' with Ickonic, I sent him a link to it.

After much chasing, I started tagging Adams in tweets. Then suddenly, on March 5th 2023, this article - written by him - appeared on the Mail Online: https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11821863/Elderly-vulnerable-people-end-life-death-pathway-report-reveals.html

In it, Adams admits that a previously abolished end of life 'death' pathway (the Liverpool Care Pathway) is still being used in hospitals, He mentions the prescription of sedatives and painkillers but was deliberately evasive (in my opinion) about the names of these drugs. It was a small article - definitely not pushed as a major news story - but at least he'd published something on the subject, which is more than any of the other mainstream editors have done.

He may have been ignoring my emails for the last 19 months, but perhaps he'd picked up my tagging him on Twitter.

The last email I sent him was this morning (March 10th 2023). I'd cc'ed him in on an email I sent to six other editors. He hasn't replied though. (Two others have though - one saying my emails are "very rude" and another saying she's, once again, passing the story onto the news desk, as she did back in the summer of 2021. So that's progress. Of sorts.)

I've never given up on this and probably never will. Until this story is published by national papers, the majority of the public simply won't believe it. I hate to admit that most people put so much faith in the MSM - especially after all the recent revelations - but, sadly, they still do.

The British press have a lot to answer for. Turning a blind eye and pretending not to see doesn't make them any less responsible. It's said that in Nazi Germany, the people sang louder in the churches so that they couldn't hear the cries and screams of the people on the trains. They were all complicit.

I've (rudely allegedly) told so many editors - Adams included - that not running this story makes them complicit in the deaths of thousands. I've told them that, until they publish it, they have blood on their hands. They don't like that. But it's the truth. And truth, whether they like it or not, will prevail. 

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