State-Sanctioned Murder: Is This How We’re All Destined To Die?

The support group for relatives of victims of involuntary euthanasia (R.O.V.E), which I se...

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Murdered In Hospital: My Mum Didn't Stand A Chance

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. My 76 year old mum was admitted into the Royal London Hospi...

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“They killed him, then stole his organs.”

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. It was hard enough coming to terms with the realisation that my ...

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Tragic Loss and Concerns Raised Over Care at Luton & Dunstable Hospital: Son Shares Heartbreaking Account of Mother's Untimely Death!

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. In Dec 2021 my mother Kristina Scratton was 78 years old when sh...

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Shocking Revelation: Surviving the Controversial Liverpool Care Pathway – A Liverpool Man's Harrowing Tale!

As told to Jacqui Deevoy. In a harrowing testimony that will send shockwaves across t...

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“A good death needs three things…” Dr. Luke Evans MP explains THAT conversation

Deliberate culling of the elderly and vulnerable in NHS hospitals authorised by our Government using Midazolam and Morphine - the worst way to die!

 "I wanted to ensure that palliative services were fully equipped and up to speed," s...

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Support Jacqui Deevoy’s Latest Film Project “Playing God”

– From journalist and filmmaker Jacqui Deevoy: Playing God A new film – an investigation i...

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Caring for my dad at home is hard – but I know I’ve done the right thing

A beautiful relationship!

The decision to take my dad out of the care home wasn't a popular one."You haven't thought...

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The Mainstream Suppression Of The Midazolam Scandal (And Why The Mainstream Media Has Blood On Their Hands)

When my mum was put on a syringe driver (a device used to automatically administer drugs) ...

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Is Main Stream Media Silencing Us?

I truly believe the mainstream media have been complicit in the deaths of thousands. Here'...

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Who Will Enlighten Boy George About Midazolam Matt? (Oh, that’ll be me.)

Enraged, as most people are, by the sight of murdering Midazolam Matt masquerading as a ce...

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“The ONS Are Blaming Less Than 4% Of Recent Excess Deaths On ‘Covid’. So What Did The Other 96% Die Of?”

In an article published by Ickonic Media (https://ickonic.com/news-articles/r/what-is-caus...

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Widow says husband was KILLED as punishment “for being unvaccinated”

Registered nurse Elena Vlaica, 46, has spoken out many times about the murder of her husba...

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Jacqui Deevoy: “It’s Not Just The Elderly Being Euthanised”

In an article published by Ickonic Media – https://www.ickonic.com/news-articles/r/its-not...

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Matt Hancock EXPOSED for the rank HYPOCRITE that he is!

d oflife Campaigner and former model Tony Stowell was stunned when he managed to get ...

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MIDAZOLAM- The scandal that cannot be ignored!

When my mum was put on a syringe driver (a device used to automatically administer drugs) ...

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'A Good Death' film producer Jacqui Deevoy on Why People REALLY Hate Matt Hancock

Forget the fact that this clown of a man broke his own ridiculous guidelines during lockdo...

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Sadistic hospital letter detailing “execution” of elderly mum sent to grieving daughter

I met former international financier Carol Harmer when she joined the support group I set ...

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Jacqui Deevoy: UK Paramedic Ended My Dad's Life

On September 24th 2021, a psychopathic paramedic injected my dad with a big shot of someth...

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