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A serious case of back-pedalling - What’s the narrative now?


After the last 3 years of fear mongering, coercion and bullying people to lock down, wear masks and in many country's be mandated to have a toxic poison of a vaccine that has not done one thing it was promised to do, there is a strange change to peoples online persona or media narrative as to the part that they all played in it.

From "I've changed my mind" by a well-known and often controversially outspoken figure to "the science changed" by another, they all seem to have this change to their narrative that they may have been wrong in their assumptions yet they won't take up one iota of blame for causing so many to then be injured and that left families bereaved.

Some daytime "celebrities" haven't yet tackled their shameful Ofcom-approved lies over vaccine safety & efficacy but if they don't hurry up and come out in front of this I feel they will be judged in time because of the blood they have on their hands.

Isn't it strange that proven lies have been permitted and still haven't been attacked yet when people like Mark Steyn & Dr Naomi R Wolff for example come out and better inform the public with real data from non pharma-funded sources and in some cases actual government data and Pfizers own trial data it wanted sealed for 75 years because it was so horrific and damaging to them, they are the ones who end up fighting for the publics health in court because GB News wimped out.

You couldn't make it up that a Canadian and and American would be fighting our battle over the government's mouthpiece, Ofcom's guided narrative output on British tv to decide our fate going forwards because of globalist-funded interference that has basically castrated a once proud journalistic integrity to search out the truth and uncover that which others choose to hide.

Yet here we are and later this Summer we shall find out what sort of dirty tricks Ofcom and the government can cook up because this will not be a clean fight because we are talking about the battle between good and evil here as the last few years have shown with globalist entities and pharma throwing billions at an agenda to control and depopulate the masses.

I noticed recently the public covid inquiry in Canada, where the Vax injured have been testifying their horrific stories and those media types otherwise involved in restricting anti-narrative content being aired on the mainstream channels, they had a duty of care, a moral compass that meant they'd be the investigative journalists they purported themselves to be.

But no, all they were interested in was getting their paycheck and reading whatever scripts were placed in front of them, they've proved to have had no integrity at all although seem happy enough to be a whistleblower now 3 years later after so much damage has been done.

A whistleblower Dr, said that the single worst health issue in his career would be the "climate" crisis but if he'd actually been doing his job properly it would've been speaking out about the thousands and thousands of Vax dead and injured over the last few years but for his silence he will be held accountable in time.

It's certainly interesting looking back at so many who pushed the government narrative so maniacally who are now also pushing the green agendas, trans ideology and ULEZ 15 minute cities because it was always about control and which is why we cannot accept any of it inc the WHO Pandemic Treaty which will bring it all in, in one fell swoop.

Sadly, some still won't speak out for instance Jeremy Vine, who has no sensitivity or empathy for those harmed or even bereaved, an empty vessel if you will but I guess you have to be to continue working for Media that are Ofcom-guided to promote a narrative and which ignores all "other".

In his speaking out on those who won't work recently but get paid benefits, it's quite obvious to so many now that thousands and thousands of people were shockingly injured by their "Penny Mordaunt sworn, safe & effective" Vax yet can no longer work or do the things we once loved!

How dare you Jeremy!

Changing narratives include the daily papers like The Telegraph "seemingly" actually doing their job for once and being the "dissenting-warriors", could it be that they're not all for throwing the country to the wolves with exposés on harms and deaths from vaccines? It's far too early to say but promising signs nonetheless.

Already knowing a distinct lack of impartiality within MHRA over 85% funding coming from the Pharmaceutical industry, 6 of 16 board members have been revealed as receiving "payments" from them also which is truly disgusting, how can they state they're acting in public interests when they also stated openly that future pharma products would be released sooner to protect share-holders and then testing would take place later.

And as proven by the MHRA's shocking lack of care to users of its products we definitely put too much trust in our regulators as pharma and even the government were badly letting us down through bad actors out to line their own pockets with a total disregard to humanity.

On the BBC's new "Verify" media app if it had of have existed 3 years ago we would've been in no better position as all they would've done was shut down dissent and the anti-narrative in a further controlled way and would've been proven so worthless an idea, but they wouldn't dare poke a stick in the wheel of the globalist money-making machine.

Amongst the bad actors and pharma-funded experts, Tony Fauci says that looking back that "having people on ventilation may have caused more harm than good" but thousands of people died from this apparatus and especially when Drs decided to combine this with #NG163Protocol Midazolam & Morphine, our loved ones didn't stand a chance.

They should've been safe in hospital.

He continued in a brief interview that "We were Intubating people that probably shouldn't have been" but surely that's an admission of attempted murder at a bare minimum as people going on a ventilator often didn't come off them but sadly it was a worldwide problem that had no real evidence of improving health but all the harms.

Regardless of the attempts to back-peddle, who can forget the harms that were done which were brutal and calculated by despotic regimes drunk on power going by exposé photos and film footage from the media showing manic crazed looks in premier's eyes which I've been reminded of recently like Jacinda Arden, Trudeau, Dan Andrews etc.

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