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The "Green Energy" Agenda - Otherwise known as My Car Don’t Go


The idea that EV's should be the "green" replacement to "fossil" fuelled vehicles is utter nonsense when you take into account that they aren't green because of the vast amounts of fuel used to dig up the lithium components in the first place and process them and also because of a raft of reasons about their safety and effectiveness which i'll go into more detail below.

The shocking numbers of fires seen around the world caused by cars burning down the houses they are plugged into whilst charging has risen to such an extent that many insurance companies refuse to insure you as seen in this Interesting headline in the U.S.

"Is It Time To Ban Electric Vehicles?"

The NY Fire Dept recently reported 108 lithium-ion EV battery fires in New York City, which have injured 66 people and killed 13.

"There is not a small amount of fire, it (the vehicle) literally explodes."

Lets look at the reliability of a cars running time being so shockingly poor that even the average jaunt involving an hour or 2 journey away for work or pleasure means you'd need to factor in a charging point visit to ensure your journey and that is if you can find one, also ones that are not already in use or actually working as seen in parts of the U.S. during Winter storms that left EV owners stranded because the charging units had become frozen.

And as a direct result of those shocking snows over some States in the U.S. like IOWA that's seen users having to abandon cars because chargers wouldn't work in the cold and cars needing far more charges than normal, Ford are now scaling back production of EV's after a major sales dive.

A Ford CEO Jim Farley explained away limits to EV vehicles "success" being a minor blip yet to make transport of the future an actual thing you would need to install millions of new charging stations at all sorts of out-of-the-way places to make the agenda work and costing Trillions to put this vital logistic program in place it is so ridiculously costly.

Prices of a replacement battery are so exorbitantly high that in many cases you'd find it easier buying a whole brand new car rather than replacing it and not forgetting to you then finding a garage that would be able to dispose of the old one, not forgetting the exorbitant charge to you for the pleasure of it also.

At one time I'll admit I quite enjoyed the idea of a getting a Tesla, bearing in mind the styling and futuristic concept advertised at the time but this was long before the logistics and practicality of one became apparent because for so many they really aren't the future of motoring at all, imagine having a bitterly cold night and waking up to find your car isn't now as "fully" charged as you'd thought and the heated seats etc that you'd planned on using on your journey will now seriously kerb the distance you'd make.

A cold reality is now slowly dawning on many Vehicle Leasing companies as they're now dumping their EV cars in the thousands and up to now have been the ones actually supporting the car industry which has been an inconvenience to the narrative pushed by the manufacturers in this insane Net Zero drive.

And these are not the only ones getting cold feet as a few months after BMW committed to standing by dwindling sales of EV's, it seems they've now decided to go another way entirely and go full-steam-ahead with Hydrogen cars instead and have started full-scale plans on this and entirely scrapped plans for certain models it had planned for the next range of EV's.

And even more surprisingly, Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda announced that EV vehicles will never dominate the market and will stall at around 30% of global market share which will send shockwaves throughout an already weakened EV industry surely because it's one thing for the future customers to get cold feet but for a whole car industry they could prove to be a Gerald Ratner moment for all concerned.

So, bearing in mind that not everyone owns a house and a private drive to park their car on, a very large number of the public would be relying on the main road as the place to store it and next to they hope a charging point so I was intrigued by a London Labour run Council's decision to increase Parking charges for EV's by 1800% in a bid to achieve Net Zero.

What an insane idea and is surely going against the drive to switch the masses over to EV's by 2030 though yet Westminster councillor Paul Dimoldenberg stated "we are keeping charges fair, proportionate and as low as possible", but to me and everyone else on planet Earth, this is so ridiculously unreasonable that it will have the opposite to the desired effect by putting more taxes onto the public at a time when they are already struggling through London Mayor, Sadiq Khan's ULEZ low vehicle neighbourhood tax and not forgetting the others planned too.

A very interesting point in these days of forcing ever greater numbers to take-up battery cars is that at some point there will be a knock-on effect to the Power-grid as there's already been rumblings from energy providers warning certain households that they will have to reduce their electrical usage, and others offering families money to do washing for example during quieter moments of the week like on a Sunday.

Now, as a Choice the whole debate about switching over becomes a totally different subject because nobody likes being told what they can or can't do, it's a free society after all and we are all sovereign and want to live our lives how we choose to yet with the Net Zero agenda being pushed so aggressively and forcing car manufacturers to adopt their ranges to EV by 2030 it is already proving to be a very costly exercise already.

People can't help but be swayed by videos of EV cars & buses aflame on City streets because lithium battery fires are so ferocious and unpredictable that the Fire service in many countries are hugely reluctant to try and tackle them as they are that dangerous to fight, so those poor passengers stuck inside with very little to be done to rescue them it is i can only imagine a very horrifying end sadly.

As to the bigger picture of people travelling abroad on a ferry or other transport service with their new EV and not currently being put off by the cost and poor range facing them, i would seriously think again in light of several car ferries being set ablaze by the lithium batteries inside the EV's onbaord that have seen catastrophic blazes that have run for days and days because of the volatility and risk to life in trying to fight them, i mean it's bad enough trying to do so on dry land but at Sea? 

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Chris on Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:37

I have seen some terrible stories about these vehicles catching fire as a result of the battery. Terrifying that when plugged in to a home it has set fire to the building too. Also read they cost ridiculous amount of money to replace battery (£20k).

I have seen some terrible stories about these vehicles catching fire as a result of the battery. Terrifying that when plugged in to a home it has set fire to the building too. Also read they cost ridiculous amount of money to replace battery (£20k).
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