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Wife Got Turbo Cancer After 4 shots - Dead within weeks!

Vaccine Turbo Cancer

My wife Pauline was only 52 and leaves behind 2 wonderful daughters and a son. She was always very active, we were as a family. She worked in a care home so was forced to have the vaccines or would have lost her job. 

She had a funny turn after her 3rd jab with some nerve dammage in her arm and left leg. In April she got her 4th jab and was off work for 2 weeks after it with back and tummy pain. Begining of May she was diagnosed with cancer and died 11 days later in hospital. 

We are totally devastated. I didn't want her to have any of the jabs but she felt cornered as we relied on both our wages. I never had it as was very sceptical from the start. 

I had nowhere to turn after she died. People didn't believe me when I said it was the jab with some saying cancer was common. Nobody in her family had cancer, her mother never had it, neither of her sisters so why her?

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