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A Spiritual War - We’ve Already Won


Through government-sponsored nudge-units, so much of the public was made to fear viral harms and once limits were placed on general supply of the vaccines to only those "at-risk" to them, because of the paranoia the public would be seriously looking into the new offered special retail price of £100 a time at local pharmacy's.

As part of the ramping up again of the fear propaganda, medical institutions are still discriminating against bodily autonomy even though the Vax is known to be incredibly harmful and ineffective and at some point, Governments will be rolling out vaxines again I thought recently.

Unsurprisingly, so many have been proved right with recommended masking and vaccine mandates cropping up in some parts of the U.S. but whatever they dictate you will have to take unless you'll be in lockdown and quarantined they've already stated, but whether they're able to fool the public in bending to their will again I feel they'll struggle to do as well as they did previously.

The real reason for all this isn't some new variant cooked up regardless of what you may see in the media but what i feel is a direct plea from Pharma over disastrous profit warnings since all restrictions were lifted worldwide affecting low take-up of vaccines, and so they should because once the fear has gone what's the drive now to do so?

I hope that no one takes this up going forward as they've been restricted for a reason because of the massive pushback by the public over real harms done, but through desperations to reduce populations further it's now being classed that being pregnant is an "at risk" status to qualify for a "life-saving" treatment??

I personally think that the NHS, who will be consigning Mothers and the unborn baby to deaths and injury and should be held responsible for every single one that occurs as a result of their recommended vaccine uptake because by now there's so much proof of harms done regardless of whether the mainstream will show it.

There was a time when the crazy high price of defibrillators was the reason why so many places never installed them but now you see them attached to walls outside shops everywhere but at schools there was never a need before the vax rollout yet the media normalises it all now with adverts of children suffering heart attacks yet most children were perfectly healthy before.

An interesting change to patients seeking treatment from Gps is NHS Virtual healthcare which aims to see hundreds of thousands of patients treated at home to "save" money on 'virtual wards', using wearable devices allowing Drs to monitor vital signs remotely but how many people's health conditions or concerns will be missed because they can longer get to "see" a Dr is my fear and with it now being updated to include care for 'Covid' & Flu cases this yr i fear they are already setting up a Winter plandemic scenario.

Knowing full well Pharma knew that covid vaccines damaged your immune system as well as causing a multitude of shocking symptoms even before full roll-out yet they carried on pushing them to all and not even the thousands and thousands of deaths were the turning point in their rollout drive and i fear getting brave with all of their government protections in place, the deaths & injury's could be far worse next time around.

With Pharma given full reign to Maim and harm people by corrupted governments and drug enablers like the MHRA here it is incredibly difficult to force them to react emotionally to the horrors being committed, you'd have thought drug regulators would be there for the patient yet time and time again it's been proven the opposite is true sadly.

Take for example Rishi Sunak, knowing full-well he purchased hundreds of millions in Moderna shares using offshore accounts, then paid them a £1 Billion pound contract lasting 10 years to basically murder and maim the British public at will by the MHRA because they've already admitted they're now enablers for pharma, rewarding shareholders quicker with faster product releases and "safety" testing then done later.

Repeatedly we have MP's looking after their own grubby interests above the publics they were elected to do like Ex Government Medical Chief, Jonathan Von Tamm, awarded a knighthood for his allegiance to the depopulation agenda by coercing bullying the public on vaccine take-up during convid and then took up a Moderna role more recently.

Pharma bought and paid their pro-stance with good old fashioned money and favours as they have done for many years as they buy allegiances evidenced in many legal cases brought against them when shown that regulatory heads magically end up working for them, Van Tamm now one of many.

Isn't it great when you have "friends" in high places to pad out your nest after the rest of the world finally realises how much of a crook you really are but it's not just Fauci though is it when you look across the Pond to see it's far worse over ther.

Look at Rachel Wollensky and others in that they can be supposedly "brought to book" and answer for the shockingly inconsistent advice and fear propaganda they stated but no one is permitted to go further with criminal charges even when they are so guilty of them although it's great to get people finally speaking out in hearings but obviously they never go far enough.

I recently just watched another Perdue Pharma series on OxyContin called Painkiller, and whilst it's good, the original Dopesick with Michael Keaton had more of a punch I thought apart from the updated revelations about the Sackler family at the end who's corrupt family ran it but Pharma does what pharma always does and regulatory body's get onboard too because of the vast riches open to them which is nothing short of criminal.

The conclusion of this unofficial part 2 of the Dopesick series ended with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy order, meaning the company gets to continue to trade and the $4.5 Billion compensation that they were ordered by the court to pay is still outstanding yrs later but one bit of good news is that a New Court case threatens their shielding deal.

I don't know if you've seen what's happening in Canada but there's a massive rise in the number of Drs offering up Euthanasia as a "life-choice" which is such a disgusting way of treating anyone but especially those put under such tyrannical pressures the last few years and now even the vax injured too who now feel are at the ends of their tether which was highlighted in a news story there "Have you thought about Euthanasia" a suicidal, depressed, vax injured woman was asked.

What has been heartening the last few years is that there's been so much work by eminent, un-pharma-funded Drs and scientists proving there are horrendous links to all vaccines sadly like Dr Peter McCullough which gives the public such a confidence boost against repeated daily assaults on all our psyche which we will all need to rely on as this spiritual war goes on.

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