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The State of the Nation - Rich are Richer, Poorer are Poorer


Thinking back to the last few years, I still feel humbled how we were so nearly like France, Australia and New Zealand where people weren't allowed to work, shop, eat without being up-to-date on their government pushed poisons and facilitated by digital passes but for those 1-2 million people protesting most weekends at its heights in London.

There has always been doubters questioning the effectiveness of protests, back then in the same way they do with every single one still being held, large and small up and down the country, but the ridiculing of them on certain channels really grinds my gears because to attack them without offering up alternatives?

If there isn't a push back in any way as a form of dissent it makes governments agendas easily installed and that just opens the doors to absolute tyranny so i'd much rather say i tried something regardless of the naysayers spouted negativity because of the threat that globalist entities are causing countrys worldwide.

The WHO's pandemic treaty is being discussed again in some circles and currently I hear that it's to be decided on next year and should it come in they will push hard on it again to control nations "legally", imagine everything we've all fought hard against from digital ID's, Vaccine mandates, Freedom to work & travel all put in place in one fell swoop.

World governments have also tried to bring in digital passports repeatedly but because of this massive push back against them those plans were delayed time and time again but bearing in mind they lie repeatedly you have to remember that because they've already paid and created the applications needed to do so it will definitely be rolled out once the required measures are in place.

Acts of dissent increasing in number this year are "attacks" on ULEZ cameras which have been growing by the day and which is amazing to see as it shows how easy it is to push back against the government agendas, and the unexpected positive being that home maintenance stores have been doing a roaring trade in ladders, safety hats, drills to facilitate these new "hobbies."

With now more and more charges being put on London drivers because it was never meant to stop with ULEZ, the Blackwall tunnel is going to be a chargeable route next so maybe it's up to Londoners to stand up again to this also and possibly do a Jeremy Clarkson, and tell Khan to F*ck-off! (He recently did a viral post where he did just that, many many times)

Sadky, from what i've seen Rishi Sunak will only give the people a say on the Net Zero agenda if enough people make a stand on it as they have given in to attacks on agendas before and especially now as they don't want to lose public favour before the elections next year so they can stay in lockstep with the globalist entities.

As lies are revealed because of narratives collapsing, more and more politicians are being forced out thankfully but shockingly they are being rewarded with golden handshake deals and without obligations to complete any sort of any actual work in government but it is these sorts of politicians that have embedded support for the external forces threatening our way of life and will be hard to fully remove sadly.

Look at Rishi Sunak who purchased hundreds of millions in Moderna shares using offshore accounts & then paid them £1 Billion pound for a 10 yr contract to basically murder and maim the British public at will because the MHRA have already admitted they're now enablers for pharma, obviously ignoring safety signals, deleting yellow card reports & rewarding shareholders quicker with faster product releases and "safety" testing then done later.

Whilst only a couple of examples, its evident that MP's are only looking after their own grubby interests above the publics they were elected to do, the most recent being Ex Government Medical Chief, Jonathan Von Tamm, awarded a knighthood for his allegiance to the depopulation agenda, then took up a Moderna role in May.

Governments lie and will lie again because they're never held to account for their actions but you'd think there'd be a government department to hold them to account wouldn't you like Graham Brady of the 1922 Committee who likes to remind us of in various articles when characters such as Boris for example step out of line yet fails on all accounts to restore public confidence by taking the required and necessary action.

Another example is Nadine Dorries, Boris's old "chum" who was being elected to the House of Lords as a result of covering for his lies for the last few years but sadly unbeknownst to her, the recommendation from Boris being rejected but that he'd forgot to mention before she resigned from government but shockingly still gets paid.

So where are we now with the illegals migrant crisis as Rishi Sunak rushed through an approval process recently and supposedly "solved" the situation by fast tracking migrant applications in 2022 by all who so far had come across, and thus 60,000 people all becoming legal at the stroke of a pen.

The floating hotel will not solve this years intake of illegals because it was never meant to but to fail so abysmally much like every other scheme that the public will be driven to anger over shocking wastes of money spent, crimes committed including sex assaults on children and then creating divisions in society as planned, a divided nation is easier to control after all.

Look at Suella Braverman's plan for Uganda flights also never meaning to be reality because of the known legality issues with the large scale transportation of people by commercial craft, how easy it really is to stop our shores being invaded in the first place and a saving of Millions of pounds if they'd really wanted to and spend some of that much needed money yet wasted, on the people of this country!

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